No to over-indebtedness, group your credits

The accumulation of small loans, the “accidents of life” lead to mishandling, while nothing was prepared: the purchase of a vehicle, some consumer goods, fluctuating income , revolving Inker Laden , one or several mortgages poorly sized originally and requiring loans complementary work, short durations, too heavy for the family budget .

You find yourself one day in an uncomfortable situation: it seems impossible for you to escape this infernal budget spiral which risks getting you into over- indebtedness

Fortunately, thanks to the purchase of your Inker Laden with Gandalf , you will be able to consolidate all your Inker Laden into one , lowering your monthly payments by up to 60% without changing banks.

No social category escapes these imbalances of our modern life. Thanks to its long experience, Gandalf can help you out of difficult situations , even catastrophic.

But Gandalf is also consolidations , simply to increase purchasing power and better harmonize expenses. We are also major players in real estate acquisition loans .

For all these reasons, we are an indispensable complement to the banking system .

We apply a code of ethics , and we are committed in strict compliance with the law to comply with the practices and recommendations of our partner banks.

However, we are particularly keen to remain totally independent of the banks and organizations we work with every day.

This independence offers us a variety of solutions. It is essential to guarantee each of our customers the solution best suited to their situation and their interests.

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