Debt Consolidation: The Solution To Gather Ongoing Commitments

Debt consolidation, what is it?

The Personal Loan intended to consolidate all current loans is an increasingly used product.

It is based on the correct payment of the Loans in progress. In the case of reporting for late payments, an  alternative is the use of the fifth salary assignment, which is increasingly necessary, as well as useful, due to the heavy commitments of families. 

It is therefore currently a real and indicative requirement of the difficulties of economic management of families in general, Italian or foreign, due in part to the economic recession and to errors of assessment regarding the abilities and personal possibilities to honor the debts made and accumulated so exponential.

Just remember that in some cases for Personal Loan, Finalized Loan (cars, furniture, etc.) and for Cession of the Fifth the total debt has reached 90% of the monthly salary. Determining a real family despair. Situation like this is created because part of the loans was made to pay off previous loans that otherwise would not have had the ability to honor the payments, thus creating a vicious circuit of the terrible debt.

Debt consolidation therefore serves to combine all the commitments underway to make the monthly installment better sustainable in a single installment.

Useful to restore peace of mind to the family and in some cases even to allow the purchase of the home by eliminating the cost for the rent. 
Therefore, debt consolidation is a resource to be used with serenity.

The consolidation of multiple installments in one installment (debt consolidation) can also be done with the Cession of the Fifth. It should be emphasized that for some cases (high severance indemnity, a company that is highly valued), it is possible to obtain much higher numbers than the personal loan.

With the assignment of the fifth one goes to remedy:

  • Reduce monthly debt,
  • Also useful for consolido mortgage and ongoing loans
  • Unique and quick solution
  • It will correct its database for missed payments.

Debt consolidation process

Debt consolidation process

Once the file has been uploaded with the Privacy signature and the tax and personal income documents, the following operating procedure follows:

  • Request for Residues of loans it has going
  • The financial law communicates the outcome if it is deliberated or * rejected
  • If the procedure has been approved, the customer signs the contract
  • Final approval
  • The Budget provides for the early repayment of the Loans in progress
  • Disbursement of the loan relating to liquidity exceeding the closure of the Loans

* Rejected because:

  • The customer does not have a bank account
  • The customer has never made financing, it is not known if he is a good payer of the installments
  • The Client is reported in end-to-end knowledge company
  • The customer has had problems in the past for uncovered checks or unenhanced bills
  • The customer had problems in the past, then remedied, with a bank that was acquired by the bank with which it is asked to make the loan. (Internal database)

Amount that can be requested with debt consolidation

Amount that can be requested with debt consolidation

Funding for amounts up to € 50,000 – with a maximum duration of 120 months and in the case of ownership of goods such as the house, as a guarantee, liquidity of up to 60-70% of its value can be created.

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